What does the morning after pill do? Separate fact from fiction

From scary side effects, to affected fertility, to setting off a ‘hormone bomb’, there are loads of rumours we’ve heard about what the morning after pill does. When you’re trying to get information about emergency contraception these myths can make a straightforward process feel intimidating. We are here to set the record straight on morning after pill myths in order to help show you how the morning after pill works.

Click on each of the statements below to reveal whether it is true or false…

Oral emergency contraception, like EllaOne®, is a "hormonal bomb" which will permanently disrupt my menstrual cycles.

The morning after pill EllaOne® will make you sick.

The morning after pill is a form of abortion.

The morning after pill will negatively affect my fertility.

The morning after pill is the same as a regular contraceptive.

Taking the morning after pill protects me from any risk of pregnancy until the end of my menstrual cycle.

The morning after pill protects me from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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